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oh the things i get myself into. whew.

I just need to talk to Robert, explain the situation, tell him i accept the fact if he wants to hate me, and move on from there. its almost like hes an in i need to learn to handle things in ever aspect of my life. i just need to be blunt, honest, and take charge of things. wish me luck

Got drunk last night over at S' house. shotgunned 2 beers..never done that before..and apparently ran my mouth. i called E a slut. oh wow. he informed me of this, this morning via phone. ha. but its all good.

I found my nipple ring yesterday, but couldnt get it in. E volunteered to shove it in there for me. whew. its gonna hurt, but oh well. i want it back. its not like he hasnt seen my tits before. heh

supposed to be chopping the hair off today. got some really good pics of me and S, with my short hair, as it is now, so i can capture it. heh. it looks rockin with my beret. ah well, its all gone soon. constant change doesnt suit me, nor can i live without it. le fucking sigh

i guess thats it for now, just some random bullshit.

all good things
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