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its been awhile.

Im leaving for Florida tomorrow at 545pm. My grandma isnt doing well. At all. Apparently, as my dad took off from Alaska, ASAP, and he just dropped over 1000 bucks to fly my brother and I down. It hasnt quite hit me yet, though i did cry on the phone when i talked to my mom about it yesterday. I just dont know how I'm going to go down there, and talk to her, and when i start to cry, it's cause she's about to die, and she knows this. Ive never had to have a farewell conversation with someone who knows they're about to die. Ive had plenty of people in my life die, but none of them knew it. car crashes and whatnot. I love my grandma more than anything. She's the only one on my dad's side that never brought up the fact that my dad adopted me when i was 3, after he and my mom got married...everyone else talks about it, cept Grandma. She didnt care, i was still her granddaughter.

I guess that's it for now. Ill update when i get back.
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i'm so sorry.
aww, i'm sorry :(
good luck on the trip